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5 years ago
# WS2812B-LED-RC-Controller
WS2812B Controller for RC plane night flying with spotlight
5 years ago
#### Fast overview: Video will come soon.
## 1.Hardware:
- Atmel Atmega328p
- WS2812B stirp (got mine from
- 3W 12V LED
- Transistor 2N3904
5 years ago
- Capacitors - 10uF/25V
5 years ago
- Socket for Atmega
- Some servo wires
5 years ago
- Crystal 16MHz
- Capacitor Ceramic 22pF
- PCB of your choice
5 years ago
## 2.Software:
- get your isp-programmer (ex. USBasp) working, linux is your friend
- install latest Arduino IDE and drivers
- install FastLED
## 3.Libraries used in this project:
- FastLED from
### Installation:
1. prepare Hardware. Ground to Ground and the rest like the schematics (comming soon).
2. Upload the sketch to the Arduino with the ISP-Programmer.
3. Set the switches on your RC control for the two channels.
7. Power everything up.
8. Enjoy your WS2812B-LED-RC-Controller
Bug and Features: Please report bugs and wishes to me. Thanks!

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