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15 Commits (a13203c477bf32822453883895dcf7858c86017c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jannik a13203c477
use the current directory to store the config.xml and cached timetables 3 years ago
Jannik 697f5e3167
added on disk cache for the timetables 3 years ago
Jannik 6a687eb297
added more status metrics, api version 1.1.3 (/lesson -> /lessons) 3 years ago
Jannik 5e220225f6
parse the week number of the year too 3 years ago
Jannik e89201c951
added more metrics to the status request 4 years ago
Jannik a6bb0a7afe
an hour needs to bee an hour 4 years ago
Jannik 754c8cb17b
clean up APICOntroller & new CacheController 4 years ago
Jannik cef6e84e37 added request counter 4 years ago
Jannik cf0327bc88 added initial delay for scheduled updates 4 years ago
Jannik f9f0564a91 time is now updateTime 4 years ago
Jannik ecfc1356ee the /timetable request needs a week now 4 years ago
Jannik f2c1f2bc58 update all existing courses every 3 hours & some clean up 4 years ago
Jannik 6de94be329 update coursesList and mensa every 24/6 hours & added status page 4 years ago
Jannik 6f2bed65ab added spring and a API specific stuff 4 years ago
Jannik ace2cb1e39 updated all parser & updated build.gradle 4 years ago

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