12 Commits (f9029bf1c328d2a48dd172ebbbf5eadc2a319ee6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jannik f9029bf1c3
use HashMap insted of ArrayList to store the timetables 2 years ago
Jannik fe72c02562
remove unneeded dependency, use try catch when writing files 2 years ago
Jannik c22f752788
ci test 2 3 years ago
Jannik be95af43c2
made CacheCOntroller() static 3 years ago
Jannik 3aa27dff4a
don't use lateinit in CacheController() 3 years ago
Jannik a13203c477
use the current directory to store the config.xml and cached timetables 3 years ago
Jannik d0d5e4b6d1
removed Java legacy code 3 years ago
Jannik 697f5e3167
added on disk cache for the timetables 3 years ago
Jannik dd064d63af
added a configuration via config.xml file 3 years ago
Jannik 3177be1bf0
use a FixedThreadPool to execute the timetable updates 3 years ago
Jannik db57059727
version 1.1.6 3 years ago
Jannik 132cf2df0e
reworked the CacheController Class 3 years ago

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