Open Hardware and Software LED floodlight for filming --> High CRI
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(export (version D)
(source /home/hendrik/Schreibtisch/FilmLED/TestBrainBoardV1/TestBrainBoardV1.sch)
(date "Mo 18 Feb 2019 21:24:15 CET")
(tool "Eeschema 5.0.2-5.0.2")
(sheet (number 1) (name /) (tstamps /)
(source TestBrainBoardV1.sch)
(comment (number 1) (value ""))
(comment (number 2) (value ""))
(comment (number 3) (value ""))
(comment (number 4) (value "")))))
(comp (ref U1)
(value ESP32-WROOM)
(footprint ESP32-footprints-Lib:ESP32-WROOM)
(libsource (lib ESP32-footprints-Shem-Lib) (part ESP32-WROOM) (description ""))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5C6B1427)))
(libpart (lib ESP32-footprints-Shem-Lib) (part ESP32-WROOM)
(field (name Reference) U)
(field (name Value) ESP32-WROOM)
(field (name Footprint) ESP32-footprints-Lib:ESP32-WROOM))
(pin (num 1) (name GND) (type input))
(pin (num 2) (name 3V3) (type input))
(pin (num 3) (name EN) (type input))
(pin (num 4) (name SENSOR_VP) (type input))
(pin (num 5) (name SENSOR_VN) (type input))
(pin (num 6) (name IO34) (type input))
(pin (num 7) (name IO35) (type input))
(pin (num 8) (name IO32) (type input))
(pin (num 9) (name IO33) (type input))
(pin (num 10) (name IO25) (type input))
(pin (num 11) (name IO26) (type input))
(pin (num 12) (name IO27) (type input))
(pin (num 13) (name IO14) (type input))
(pin (num 14) (name IO12) (type input))
(pin (num 15) (name GND) (type input))
(pin (num 16) (name IO13) (type input))
(pin (num 17) (name SD2) (type input))
(pin (num 18) (name SD3) (type input))
(pin (num 19) (name CMD) (type input))
(pin (num 20) (name CLK) (type input))
(pin (num 21) (name SDO) (type input))
(pin (num 22) (name SD1) (type input))
(pin (num 23) (name IO15) (type input))
(pin (num 24) (name IO2) (type input))
(pin (num 25) (name IO0) (type input))
(pin (num 26) (name IO4) (type input))
(pin (num 27) (name IO16) (type input))
(pin (num 28) (name IO17) (type input))
(pin (num 29) (name IO5) (type input))
(pin (num 30) (name IO18) (type input))
(pin (num 31) (name IO19) (type input))
(pin (num 32) (name NC) (type input))
(pin (num 33) (name IO21) (type input))
(pin (num 34) (name RXD0) (type input))
(pin (num 35) (name TXD0) (type input))
(pin (num 36) (name IO22) (type input))
(pin (num 37) (name IO23) (type input))
(pin (num 38) (name GND) (type input))
(pin (num 39) (name GND-PAD) (type input)))))
(library (logical ESP32-footprints-Shem-Lib)
(uri /home/hendrik/bin/KiCAD/V5.XX/kicad-symbols-master/ESP32-footprints-Shem-Lib.lib)))
(net (code 1) (name "Net-(U1-Pad36)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 36)))
(net (code 2) (name "Net-(U1-Pad33)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 33)))
(net (code 3) (name "Net-(U1-Pad14)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 14)))
(net (code 4) (name "Net-(U1-Pad24)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 24)))
(net (code 5) (name "Net-(U1-Pad34)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 34)))
(net (code 6) (name "Net-(U1-Pad15)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 15)))
(net (code 7) (name "Net-(U1-Pad25)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 25)))
(net (code 8) (name "Net-(U1-Pad35)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 35)))
(net (code 9) (name "Net-(U1-Pad16)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 16)))
(net (code 10) (name "Net-(U1-Pad26)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 26)))
(net (code 11) (name "Net-(U1-Pad23)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 23)))
(net (code 12) (name "Net-(U1-Pad17)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 17)))
(net (code 13) (name "Net-(U1-Pad27)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 27)))
(net (code 14) (name "Net-(U1-Pad37)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 37)))
(net (code 15) (name "Net-(U1-Pad18)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 18)))
(net (code 16) (name "Net-(U1-Pad28)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 28)))
(net (code 17) (name "Net-(U1-Pad38)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 38)))
(net (code 18) (name "Net-(U1-Pad19)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 19)))
(net (code 19) (name "Net-(U1-Pad29)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 29)))
(net (code 20) (name "Net-(U1-Pad39)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 39)))
(net (code 21) (name "Net-(U1-Pad20)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 20)))
(net (code 22) (name "Net-(U1-Pad2)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 2)))
(net (code 23) (name "Net-(U1-Pad3)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 3)))
(net (code 24) (name "Net-(U1-Pad4)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 4)))
(net (code 25) (name "Net-(U1-Pad5)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 5)))
(net (code 26) (name "Net-(U1-Pad6)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 6)))
(net (code 27) (name "Net-(U1-Pad7)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 7)))
(net (code 28) (name "Net-(U1-Pad8)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 8)))
(net (code 29) (name "Net-(U1-Pad9)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 9)))
(net (code 30) (name "Net-(U1-Pad10)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 10)))
(net (code 31) (name "Net-(U1-Pad1)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 1)))
(net (code 32) (name "Net-(U1-Pad30)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 30)))
(net (code 33) (name "Net-(U1-Pad11)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 11)))
(net (code 34) (name "Net-(U1-Pad21)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 21)))
(net (code 35) (name "Net-(U1-Pad31)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 31)))
(net (code 36) (name "Net-(U1-Pad12)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 12)))
(net (code 37) (name "Net-(U1-Pad22)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 22)))
(net (code 38) (name "Net-(U1-Pad32)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 32)))
(net (code 39) (name "Net-(U1-Pad13)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 13)))))

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