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Welcome to the ActionPi wiki!

Here you can find the documentation for the ActionPi hardware and software.


stands for infinite possibilities. Full camera control, RAW video and photo, direct upload on the Internet, face detection and many more features.

Build a camera by yourself? Does not work? - works perfectly! The ActionPi is a self-built camera based on a Raspberry Pi model A + and a 5 MPixel picamera. It's controlled by a program written in C ++, which provides all functions such as the setting menu, the image viewer and the recording function.

Technical specifications:

  • 5 MPixel or 8 MPixel
  • OpenCV
  • 18Wh Li-ion battery
  • 2A quick charger via USB
  • 4.3 inch display
  • HDMI output
  • Linux kernel 4.4
  • 32GB system memory
  • USB host for photo and video store up to 4TB
  • Supports the "Design rule for Camera File system"
  • Optional with or without GUI