11 Commits (175d3be8827d9d6af55abb304f21ca05e66d0e4c)

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Jannik 95ce9e14bd
test and build in one step 8 months ago
Jannik d803d4dae1
use android docker image for unit tests 8 months ago
Jannik 45d37f25de
use gradle jdk docker image 8 months ago
Jannik 95362d5ab8
add diffGrades() to GradesController 8 months ago
Jannik 297dd77e79
use gradle wrapper for drone 11 months ago
Jannik 6a70f26807
update .drone.yml 11 months ago
Jannik 701a351e6e
update .drone.yml 2 years ago
Jannik 5cad924b26
removed anko dependency from PreferenceController 2 years ago
Jannik 522f31e077
added new screenshots 2 years ago
Jannik b9ca18044c
drone use gradle test instead of assembleRelease 2 years ago
Jannik 2f5b2a6579
added drone ci 2 years ago