Teapod is a unofficial App for Crunchyroll
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package org.mosad.teapod.dummy
import java.util.ArrayList
import java.util.HashMap
* Helper class for providing sample content for user interfaces created by
* Android template wizards.
* TODO: Replace all uses of this class before publishing your app.
object DummyContent {
* An array of sample (dummy) items.
val ITEMS: MutableList<DummyItem> = ArrayList()
* A map of sample (dummy) items, by ID.
val ITEM_MAP: MutableMap<String, DummyItem> = HashMap()
private val COUNT = 25
init {
// Add some sample items.
for (i in 1..COUNT) {
private fun addItem(item: DummyItem) {
ITEM_MAP.put(item.id, item)
private fun createDummyItem(position: Int): DummyItem {
return DummyItem(position.toString(), "Item " + position, makeDetails(position))
private fun makeDetails(position: Int): String {
val builder = StringBuilder()
builder.append("Details about Item: ").append(position)
for (i in 0..position - 1) {
builder.append("\nMore details information here.")
return builder.toString()
* A dummy item representing a piece of content.
data class DummyItem(val id: String, val content: String, val details: String) {
override fun toString(): String = content

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