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Use your RC Receiver for controlling navigation light, a ultra bright spot light and your FPV camera.

Fast overview: Video will come soon.



  • Atmel Attiny 13A PU
  • 5x ultra bright 3mm led, red and green
  • 8x ltra bright 3mm led, white
  • 3x Transistor 2N3904
  • Elko 25V 100µF
  • Socket for Attiny
  • Some servo wires
  • A hackable fpv camera with hybrid ir lens


  • get your isp-programmer (ex. USBasp) working, linux is your friend
  • install latest Arduino IDE and drivers
  • install the MicroCore
  • enable #define ENABLE_MICROS in avr/cores/microcore/core_settings.h

3.Libraries used in this project:

  • none.


  1. prepare Hardware. Ground to Ground and the rest like the schematics (comming soon).
  2. Upload the sketch to the Arduino with the ISP-Programmer.
  3. Set the switches on your RC control for the two channels.
  4. Power everything up.
  5. Enjoy your Micro-Nav-Lights-Controller.

Bug and Features: Please report bugs and wishes to me. Thanks!