scrape EQ3 bluetooth device and export as prometheus metric
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Scrapes EQ3 bluetooth device and export as prometheus metric.


  • git clone
  • cd python-eq3bt
  • pip install .
  • Pair the eq3bt as shown in the python-eq3bt README

Features and Limitations

  • Polls data ever 5 minutes from the EQ3
  • Caches the data for faster prometheus crapes
  • Only suppoting one eq3bt device at this dev stage


Set your MAC in


to start: python3

to get metrics: curl

Example metrics:

eq3bt_expoter_duration_seconds_sum 3 
eq3bt_exporter_request_count 9 
eq3bt_exporter_scrape_healthy 1 
eq3bt_target_temperature 12 
eq3bt_valve 12 
eq3bt_low_battery 0 
eq3bt_window_open 0

Permanent Install

cd /opt/

git clone

cd eq3bt-exporter

Change host/port in

mv eq3bt-exporter.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/

systemctl daemon-reload

systemctl enable --now /usr/lib/systemd/system/eq3bt-exporter.service

systemctl status eq3bt-exporter.service

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