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LegacyIP Warn

Fork from: https://gitlab.com/margau_me/legacyip-warn

This project allows you to inject an warning banner for IPv4-users with a NGINX webserver.

It consists of two snippets and an example vhost configuration.

Blog Post: https://margau.net/posts/2020-09-06-legacyip-warn/


mkdir /etc/nginx/snippets

copy legacy-banner.conf to /etc/nginx/snippets/legacy-banner.conf

copy legacy-js.conf to /etc/nginx/snippets/legacy-js.conf

Add the script to the site config like this:

            geo $ipv4 {
            server {
                #Listen SSL+HTTP/2
                listen 443 ssl http2;
                listen [::]:443 ssl http2;

                #Server Name here

                include /etc/nginx/snippets/legacy-js.conf;

                location / {
	            #normal location or proxy settings

            	# IP Legacy Banner
	            include /etc/nginx/snippets/legacy-banner.conf;
	            if ($ipv4 ~ "^$") {
                    set $legacy "<!-- uses IPv6 --></body>";
	            sub_filter "script-src 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-inline'" "script-src 'unsafe-inline'";
	            sub_filter "</body>" $legacy;