A Program to manage your locally saved movies. https://www.mosad.xyz
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# HomeFlix-Local_en_US.properties US-English Local and default
info = Info
settings = Settings
play = play
openFolder = open Folder
chooseFolder = choose Directory
fontSize = font size:
checkUpdates = check for updates
autoUpdate = check at startup for updates:
version = Version:
columnName = Name
columnRating = Rating
columnDatName = File Name
errorUpdate = An error has occurred! \n To get help, visit \n nwww.kellerkinder.xyz or support@kellerkinder.xyz
infoText = \nMaintainer: seilo@kellerkinder.xyz and \nhendrik.schutter@coptersicht.de \n(c) 2016 Kellerkinder www.kellerkinder.xyz