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Welcome to the Project-HomeFlix wiki!


Download the compiled .jar file and execute it, HomeFlix will ask for the first source you want to add, and load all films found in there. Additional sources can be added via the settings window.


Since version 0.7.0 “toothless dragon”, HomeFlix uses the JavaFX Media-Player to play your films. Currently this player only supports videos with h264 as codec and mp4 as container. All other videos are played with your standard video player (Windows and OS X) or vlc(Linux). The integrated Player supports features such as Auto-play for series or saving your progress for each film.


In HomeFlix 0.3.7 “plasma bucket” a basic streaming support has been integrated. This allows you to sort your favorite streaming title in HomeFlix. The streaming URL and a few other parameters are saved in a .json file.
Here is a example of this file:

		"title":"Big Buck Bunny",


  • HomeFlix isn’t starting after update.
    • Delete the config.xml file and start HomeFlix again (your settings will be deleted!).
  • I can’t choose a main color.
    • Try restarting HomeFlix.
  • HomeFlix hangs or doesn’t response.
    • Try restarting HomeFlix. and check the movie names.
  • I can’t start HomeFlix under Linux.
    • Check your Java version. Oracle Java 9 is required.
  • The Updater doesn’t work.
    • We changed the update URL so you have to download HomeFlix again.
  • Are my settings saved if I’m going to update or reinstall?
    • As long as you don’t delete the HomeFlix folder or the config.xml file, yes.

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