• "toothless dragon" 0.7.0

    Seil0 7 months ago 71 commits to dev since this release

    This is the first (and only) release of the 0.7 series, called “toothless dragon”. It brings a lot of quality of life improvements such as a own player for .mp4 and .vp6 files, as well as the option to use a Netflix like auto-play function.

    • new: HomeFlix now saves the progress you made watching a film or series
    • new: added auto play, can be enabled in the settings
    • new: HomeFlix now searches for a movie/series if the omdb reports “No movie found”
    • change: added to option to select a local or streaming source at the first start
    • change: removed unnecessary restarts
    • change: the first start alert is now material styled
    • change: the info dialog is now a alert
    • change: use a process builder to start the new application after updating
    • change: code cleanup and documentation work
    • change: log4j 2.10 -> 2.11
    • fix: files with ‘ in the name causing a crash
    • fix: fixed windows 10 is not detected
    • fix: fixed a crash at the first start on linux
    • fix: fixed a crash caused by “” as source path
    • fix: HomeFlix is unable to start because sources.json is missing
  • "plasma vampire" 0.6.0

    Seil0 9 months ago 41 commits to master since this release

    This is the first release of the “vampire” series, it brings lots of quality of life improvements such as support for more than one source directory and support for series. This version also targets java 9 and updates a lot of libraries.

    • new: HomeFlix supports more than one source directory!
    • new: HomeFlix now support series
    • new: the updater now supports a beta channel
    • change: the window is now large enough to show all components
    • change: added cemu_UIs material styled dialogs
    • change: films table is now material design
    • change: choisboxes are now material design
    • change: use maven as build system
    • change: target java 9
    • change: jfoenix 1.6.0 -> 9.0.2
    • change: sqlite-jdbc 3.18.0 ->
    • change: commons-io 2.5 -> 2.6
    • change: minimal-json 0.9.4 -> 0.9.5
    • change: replaed all debug/info syso and all syse with log4j 2 logger
    • change: lots of code cleanup
    • change: removed streaming mode, all films are now in one mode
    • change: the omdbAPI query is now in its own thread
    • fix: refreshing bug: like and dislike are working again as well as loading the cache after you saved the data for the first time
    • fix: streaming not working under Linux
    • fix: bad image quality
    md5 Project-HomeFlix.jar 0f95a6f0fa
  • "solidify cow" 0.5.2

    Seil0 1 year ago 81 commits to master since this release

    • change: cleaned up settings ui
    • change: general code clean up
    • fix: filenames with blank are not supported under Linux
    • fix: fixed exception output if api response is bad
    • fix: fixed some issues with the DBController
    • fix: added an api key as workaround for now
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