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    "toothless dragon" 0.7.0

    Seil0 released this 3 years ago | 128 commits to dev since this release

    This is the first (and only) release of the 0.7 series, called "toothless dragon". It brings a lot of quality of life improvements such as a own player for .mp4 and .vp6 files, as well as the option to use a Netflix like auto-play function.

    • new: HomeFlix now saves the progress you made watching a film or series
    • new: added auto play, can be enabled in the settings
    • new: HomeFlix now searches for a movie/series if the omdb reports "No movie found"
    • change: added to option to select a local or streaming source at the first start
    • change: removed unnecessary restarts
    • change: the first start alert is now material styled
    • change: the info dialog is now a alert
    • change: use a process builder to start the new application after updating
    • change: code cleanup and documentation work
    • change: log4j 2.10 -> 2.11
    • fix: files with ' in the name causing a crash
    • fix: fixed windows 10 is not detected
    • fix: fixed a crash at the first start on linux
    • fix: fixed a crash caused by "" as source path
    • fix: HomeFlix is unable to start because sources.json is missing