A Program to manage your locally saved movies. https://www.mosad.xyz
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Project-HomeFlix is a Kellerkinder Project, that alowes you to sort all your local saved movies in clean UI. Project-HomeFlix is free and open-source software and uses other open-source projects to provied a nice user experience.


Simply download the Project-HomeFlix.jar from releases, make sure you have the latest version of java 8 oracle jre/jdk installed, open the .jar file. If you need additional information pleas visit our wiki.

Development information

The dev branch is only merged into master when a new release is released, so master contains the latest released version. Please commit all changes to dev.

Librarys used in this Project:
JFoenix: https://github.com/jfoenixadmin/JFoenix
minimal-json: https://github.com/ralfstx/minimal-json
sqlite-jdbc: https://github.com/xerial/sqlite-jdbc
apache commons io : https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-io/



Project-HomeFlix © 2016-2018 Kellerkinder (Seil0, Windoofs)