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Project-HomeFlix uses maven to manage all dependencies and to build the Software. In order to build Project-HomeFlix make sure you have installed Maven.

Clone Project-HomeFlix
git clone https://github.com/Seil0/Project-HomeFlix.git

to build a package, go to the root folder of Project-HomeFlix and execute the following command:
mvn clean package

if you want to execute HomeFlix directly use:
mvn compile exec:java

The final package can be found in /target.

If you want to use the omdb API you'll need to add a apiKeys.json in /resources


Used libraries and apis

Naming-schema since HomeFlix 0.7

New HomeFlix (major) release series are named after a special naming schema. The name must be connected to a movie or a series (it shouldn't be to obvious). The name should have to parts, at first a verb like "toothless" and as second part a noun like "dragon". If there is more than one suggestion, we will vote which one we will taken. A new name is always used with a new version, but a new version doesn't always get a new code name.

Code Names:

  • bucket (0.3.7 - 0.4.0)
  • cow (0.5.0 - 0.5.2)
  • vampire (0.6 series)
  • toothless dragon (0.7 series)
  • fearless trollhunter (0.8 series)
  • nimbly xlr8 (0.9 series)
  • painful meeseeks (0.10 series)
  • hidden klimpaloon (0.? series)
  • cheerful hinata () series)