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  Jannik Seiler 6f68fbb73c „README.md“ ändern 2 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler 297dd77e79
use gradle wrapper for drone 2 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler 6a70f26807
update .drone.yml 2 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler f6b00a8d81
additional Subject are now added to the timetable 3 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler 69ce9fef5a
code clean up 4 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler 2d753851c0
more "Additional Lessons" work 4 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler 6c0624c793
make the app more tolerant about wrong API Data 4 weeks ago
  Jannik Seiler 7779296345
change default accent color, code clean up 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 3e2ef0521e
change primary color to reflect mosad.xyz design guidelines 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler bdfeb46faf
add "Manage Lessons" Dialog to Settings, minor style fixes 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 18ca435764
update TCoRAPIController to API version 1.2.0 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 948f330ebe
TimeTableFragment clean up 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 72e9efb9e7
fix warings in TCoRAPIController 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler bea1b47396
complete & move AddLessonDialog to separate class 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 34a68ff75d
add courses to addLesson Dialog, read lessonSubjects from tcor 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 1ba3f1fa87
update gradle tool to 4.0.0 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 48544aef2f
add a complete version of the addLesson Dialog 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler bc09e33147
update gradle, constraintlayout & coroutines 1 month ago
  Jannik Seiler 6ec9b9f5e2
update commons-lang and coroutines 2 months ago
  Jannik Seiler a19173b499
update kotlin 3 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 85dc3181fd
fix compatibility with tcor version 1.2.2 and higher 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler e46c234b6c
fix OnboardingActivity is not closed on start of MainActivity 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler faa07966da
fix crash on first start, if tcor is not reachable 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler ccc0f0f2bc
Onboarding [Part 2] 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler e15bf95b85
update to gradle 6.2.1 and gradle android plugin 3.6.0 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 01677c04ef
Onboarding [Part 1] 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler c343735b57
fix crash on first startup 4 months ago
  Jannik Seiler b186a2e96e
release version 0.5.1 5 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 2cb4b72369
anko code removed, coroutines are now used for asynchronous functions 5 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 2d497d1a96
update gradle wrapper to version 6.0.1 5 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 9d2de3fcb3
don't use deprecated Gson methods 5 months ago
  Jannik Seiler bed3f5d978
added Timetable and Moodle shortcut, cleaned up activity init 5 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 8f5a4dd1b3
reworked preference saving 6 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 9907d083e9
added a Mensa shortcut 7 months ago
  Jannik Seiler d4860b2a32
updated some libs 7 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 5ec2b53bce
added "Get it on Google Play" badge 8 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 701a351e6e
update .drone.yml 8 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 5cad924b26
removed anko dependency from PreferenceController 8 months ago
  Jannik Seiler d5adc4df51
release 0.5.0 9 months ago
  Jannik Seiler c23454f081
removed versionNameSuffix, f-droid does not like that 9 months ago
  Jannik Seiler b240beacc9
turns out there is a current week too 9 months ago
  Jannik Seiler aa69d2242f
fixed course name not being updated on change 9 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 6e6c9f71a0
reworked the way the timetable date is calculated 9 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 889c673c5d Update 'README.md' 10 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 522f31e077
added new screenshots 10 months ago
  Jannik Seiler b9ca18044c
drone use gradle test instead of assembleRelease 10 months ago
  Jannik Seiler bd49e482e2
updated some libs 10 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 2f5b2a6579
added drone ci 10 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 4ce37b3dcf
updated desfire legal notes 10 months ago
  Jannik Seiler 7550fcfd22 Update 'README.md' 10 months ago