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  Jannik 175d3be882 „README.md“ ändern 2 months ago
  Jannik 2687a8124d „README.md“ ändern 2 months ago
  Jannik 5491971959
view binding, latest desing guidlines and minor updates 2 months ago
  Jannik b29392c6f6
fix crash in grades screen if qispos is not reachable 4 months ago
  Jannik 4b1fb47abf
changelog 0.6.1 V2 4 months ago
  Jannik 0724502831
add change-log for 0.6.1 4 months ago
  Jannik 1162ec73e5
fix no meal info showing if first weeks meals are empty 4 months ago
  Jannik f40c0503c0
fix worker crash on grades sync & fix mensa blocking update on start 5 months ago
  Jannik 451f6082ff
traget android sdk 30 5 months ago
  Jannik 36568e9682
make grades notification clickable 5 months ago
  Jannik 6388dfe54a
move course selection to a own class 5 months ago
  Jannik c509381ec4
changelog: minor text fixes 5 months ago
  Jannik 390728bfb7
use KAE synthetic binding for layouts in SettingsFragment 5 months ago
  Jannik a3102bc3f2
add background grades updates with notify on changed grades 5 months ago
  Jannik 95ce9e14bd
test and build in one step 5 months ago
  Jannik d803d4dae1
use android docker image for unit tests 5 months ago
  Jannik 45d37f25de
use gradle jdk docker image 5 months ago
  Jannik 95362d5ab8
add diffGrades() to GradesController 5 months ago
  Jannik f12873fe00
sort grades from cache by semester 5 months ago
  Jannik cb1f43ec66
use cache if qispos is not available 6 months ago
  Jannik d6eb1ff1e5
add refresh gesture to GradesFragment 6 months ago
  Jannik d94f38de93
save grades to a encrypted cache file, use cache if not older than 24hr 6 months ago
  Jannik 313ff4741a
add grades shortcut 6 months ago
  Jannik 07e348989a Merge pull request 'rebase develop' (#47) from master into develop 6 months ago
  Jannik 0c6a486dd9 Merge pull request 'version 0.6.0' (#46) from develop into master 6 months ago
  Jannik ec15c79b63
update fastlane screenshot 6 months ago
  Jannik 4592d1984f
release version 0.6.0 6 months ago
  Jannik aae74cf9db „README.md“ ändern 6 months ago
  Jannik e19b0db39d
add missing licenses to license dialog 6 months ago
  Jannik 23fd52b0c5
fab: use plus as icon 6 months ago
  Jannik 62a62049c3
code clean up 6 months ago
  Jannik 849698779b
add icon as svg 6 months ago
  Jannik a42a92a3c5
update constraintlayout 6 months ago
  Jannik be30e2f968
enable optimisations and minifying for release builds 6 months ago
  Jannik c629b2aec2
fix login button 6 months ago
  Jannik 99ba87c3f6
init fragment in onViewCreated() 6 months ago
  Jannik 953b4825a9
check qispos status and show message if unavailable 6 months ago
  Jannik 2807843d25
fix grades divider shown when sub-subject was added 6 months ago
  Jannik 638c321798
grades ui polishing & sorting fix 6 months ago
  Jannik 42d938b0bc
fix background in fragment_grades 6 months ago
  Jannik 9d7504bbaf
add grades ui 6 months ago
  Jannik 8ecfe8f120
QISPOSParser [Part 2] 6 months ago
  Jannik ff0c4ad1a7
QISPOSParser [Part 1] 6 months ago
  Jannik ea0caea91e
save email and password to encrypted preference 6 months ago
  Jannik 1f660bdd37
add login dialog 6 months ago
  Jannik be43d87b1a
fix more lint warnings 6 months ago
  Jannik dd5c7b3fb8
fix some lint warnings 6 months ago
  Jannik fb3dab6dc3
save additional subjects and load them on start 6 months ago
  Jannik bcfdb83d14
rework CacheController and TCoRAPIController 6 months ago
  Jannik 8c55366ec0
update libs 7 months ago