• 1.0.0-beta3 e835715b9c

    1.0.0-beta3 Pre-Release

    Seil0 released this 2022-09-19 19:34:40 +02:00 | 60 commits to develop since this release

    This is the third beta release of Teapod 1.0.0 with support for crunchyroll.

    • UI/UX improvements
    • Playhead is now updated every 30 seconds
    • Fixed missing playhead updates when closing the player (#62)
    • Add subscription status and tier info to the account screen
    • Improved the behaviour of the "next episde" button (#53)

    Full changelog https://git.mosad.xyz/Seil0/teapod/compare/1.0.0-beta2...1.0.0-beta3

    Please report issues to support@mosad.xyz or via gitlab.