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@ -3,20 +3,20 @@ Use your Fatshark or Skyzone goggles as a virtual reality headset.
Fast overview: Use an Arduino Micro as a Joystick for OpenTrack with the input of your FPV-Headtracker.
• Arduino Micro (ATmega32U4 = featuring a built-in USB which makes the Micro recognizable as a joystick)
• 3,5 mm phone jack from your goggle
• Mirroring the Computer-Screen to the goggle with a HDMI to AV converter
• install the latest OpenTrack software
• install latest Arduino IDE and drivers
Libraries used in this project:
###Libraries used in this project:
• Joystick.h
• CPPM.h
Installation: 1. prepare Hardware. Ground to Ground and the PPM-Pin to D4 (it´s the ICP-Pin)
###Installation: 1. prepare Hardware. Ground to Ground and the PPM-Pin to D4 (it´s the ICP-Pin)
2. Install the libraries
3. Upload the sketch to the Arduino
4. Check if the Arduino is detected from the computer (Windows Control Panel >> Hardware >> Devices >> Arduino Micro


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