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@ -1,3 +1,23 @@
# eBayCompetitorPriceCompare
scrape ebay(.de) for competitors listings and compare the price to own ebay shop
scrape ebay(.de) for competitors listings and compare the price to own ebay shop
## Requirements
pip install tinydb tqdm
## Usage
### Scrape listings
Scrape all listings from seller's shop with `python`
This will create `seller_db.json` with all found listings.
Delete this file before next run manually.
### Compare listings
Compare and export all found listings with `python`
This will take a while and exports the static html.
## Example export
See `example_export/` for an example.

@ -28,18 +28,18 @@ def scrape_listing(url):
soup = make_soup(url)
#print(soup.find("div", class_="vim x-item-title").span.text)
#print(soup.find("span", id="prcIsum")["content"])
#print(soup.find("img", id="icImg")["src"])
#print(soup.find("span", itemprop="price")["content"])
#print(soup.find("img", itemprop="image")["src"])
listing = {
'title': soup.find("div", class_="vim x-item-title").span.text,
'price': float(soup.find("span", id="prcIsum")["content"]),
'image': soup.find("img", id="icImg")["src"],
'price': float(soup.find("span", itemprop="price")["content"]),
'image': soup.find("img", itemprop="image")["src"],
'url' : url
return listing
if __name__ == "__main__":
listing = scrape_listing("")
listing = scrape_listing("")


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