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Seil0 merged 11 commits from develop into master 1 year ago

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Jannik b186a2e96e
release version 0.5.1 1 year ago
Jannik 2cb4b72369
anko code removed, coroutines are now used for asynchronous functions 1 year ago
Jannik 2d497d1a96
update gradle wrapper to version 6.0.1 1 year ago
Jannik 9d2de3fcb3
don't use deprecated Gson methods 1 year ago
Jannik bed3f5d978
added Timetable and Moodle shortcut, cleaned up activity init 1 year ago
Jannik 8f5a4dd1b3
reworked preference saving 1 year ago
Jannik 9907d083e9
added a Mensa shortcut 1 year ago
Jannik d4860b2a32
updated some libs 1 year ago
Jannik 5ec2b53bce
added "Get it on Google Play" badge 2 years ago
Jannik 701a351e6e
update .drone.yml 2 years ago
Jannik 5cad924b26
removed anko dependency from PreferenceController 2 years ago