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To build a unsigned apk of the app just do ./gradlew assembleRelease.

version name & version code

We map the version name to the versioncode. The version code follows this scheme: nnrrmmm,

  • Release: versionName: "0.6.0" -> versionCode: 0006000
    • Release: versionName: "0.6.1" -> versionCode: 0006100
  • RC: versionName: "0.6.0-RC1" -> versionCode: 00059xx (from beta)
  • Beta: versionName: "0.5.90" -> versionCode: 0005900

A beta release will always be version "x.x.9x". There is a total of 10 "Beta" version names (x.x.90 to x.x.99). The beat version codes will start at nnpp000. The RC phase the nersion name is always "VERSION-RCX". Th version code will be increased as with the beta versions. The final release will be nnrr000.

n: 0 (currently not used)
r: the release number
m: minor version
p: previous version
! gradle does not support leading 0s

used libraries

ProjectLaogai uses the following librarys