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Welcome to the ProjectLaogai wiki!

ProjectLaogai is a in kotlin writen android app for the HS Offenburg which uses the TheCitadelofRicks API.


When you start the app you'll see the homescreen. It shows todays mensa menu and timetable, if it's later than 15.00 it will show the mensa menu of tomorrow. In the main menu on the left you can access a detailed week overview abou all mensa meals, as well as the timetable for the next 6 days.


In this section you can find some information about the app and how it works. Additionally it contains information on which data the app transmits and why they are needed.

How does the Mensa card reader work?

To activate the card reader just hold youre Mensa card against your smartphone, if the app is alreay running it'll show the current balance in a dialog. If the app is not running, a selection dialog will show, just select the Project Laogai in there.

Why is subject XYZ missing in the grades

In order to make grades access faster and help reducing calls to qispos, Project Laogai will cache the grades data for up to 24h. If you need up to date grades, simply use the swipe to refresh gesture.

How are my credentials and grades saved

To protect the sensible data from others, it is encrypted before being saved to the file system.

Currently there is no data transmission implemented!

Which data will be transmitted?

In addition to the connection data transmitted by the HTTPS protocol, this app transmits some basic information about itself and some information about your smartphone. Currently these are the installed app version and the Android version of your smartphone. These data do not in any way provide any conclusion to the user, as they do not contain any personal data.

Why are these data being transmitted?

We need the app version because some versions of the app still use outdated functions of the tcor API. We need make sure they are supported long enough, as some of you may still use these older version of the app. The Android version is needed to decide which features can be offered in the app, as some are only available in later versions of Android. We try to make sure that the app is accessible to as many users as possible while supporting advanced features of Android.