Generate label and print them via brother_ql to
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  • Generate label and print them via brother QL-570.
  • Receive data from reHDD via IPC message queue.

Example Label

Screenshot of label


pip install qrcode sysv-ipc pycstruct brother-ql

cd /root/
git clone
cd reHDDPrinter
chmod +x
cp reHDDPrinter.service /lib/systemd/system/reHDDPrinter.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable --now /lib/systemd/system/reHDDPrinter.service

Test printer manually

  export BROTHER_QL_PRINTER=file:///dev/usb/lp0
  export BROTHER_QL_MODEL=QL-570

brother_ql print -l 62 Untitled.png

Printer/Paper Info

  • Brother QL-570
  • Paper With: 62mm or 696px

Hint: Some Brother printers have enabled standby mode. This will disconnect the printer. See Issue #12 to disable standby.

see for details for printer access