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Useful for:

  • checking new drives for the first time
  • checking used drives for their next live
  • deleting a drive securely via overwriting


alt text

Debian Build Notes

  • apt-get install ncurses-dev git make g++
  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update
  • make release

Create Standalone with Debian 11

Instructions how to create a standalone machine that boots directly to reHDD. This is aimed for production use, like several drives a day shredding.

  • Start reHDD after boot without login (as a tty1 shell)
  • Start dmesg after boot without login (as a tty2 shell)
  • Start htop after boot without login (as a tty3 shell)
  • Upload reHDD log every 12h if wanted

Software requirements

  • apt-get install hwinfo smartmontools curl htop sudo


clone this repo into /root/

git submodule init
git submodule update

cd /root/reHDD/

make release

bash scripts/install_reHDD.bash

If you want to upload the logs, edit scripts/reHDDLogUploader.bash with your nextcloud token

Add your system drive in /root/reHDD/ignoreDrives.conf like: e102f49d Get the first 8 Bytes from your UUID via blkid /dev/sdX


Build docs

make docs

open doc/html/index.html in browser

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