274 Commits (dev)

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  Seil0 e47f3ea2f7 minor bug fixes 4 weeks ago
  Seil0 c735583a04 cache is now date based, minor clean up 4 weeks ago
  Seil0 5600456556 fixed open folder btn when using Linux, more clean up 1 month ago
  Seil0 cc05600e0a removed all mwc usage in DBController 1 month ago
  Seil0 291f183f5e removed more mwc dependencies & code clean up 1 month ago
  Seil0 a80e077d47 code clean up and removed some unneeded mwc uses in DBController 1 month ago
  Seil0 3e80354d88 don't use mains primarystage, disabled column resizeing 1 month ago
  Seil0 d3d22db7a8 moved static vars and save & load code to XMLController 1 month ago
  Seil0 060527ae03 removed travis.yml 1 month ago
  Seil0 2daeb86d67 updated readme 1 month ago
  Seil0 29c6b30168 small omdbAPI query fixes 2 months ago
  Seil0 1d06aaeaa2 clean up 2 months ago
  Seil0 a677abc15c added a "next episode" button to the player 2 months ago
  Seil0 c3a148b267 reworked the DBController 2 months ago
  Seil0 6585908717 minor gui fixes 2 months ago
  Seil0 201109e79d updated jfoenix 9.0.6 -> 9.0.8 2 months ago
  Seil0 f1ccb04f9e „README.md“ ändern 3 months ago
  Seil0 9f8c19ab8e fixed issue #6 3 months ago
  Seil0 079f15cd59 player fixes & lib updates 3 months ago
  Seil0 0d9ffb36e5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into dev 3 months ago
  Seil0 5e89faff49 use gitea instead of github 3 months ago
  Seil0 fed25f2fce „README.md“ ändern 3 months ago
  Seil0 0cf02c52a6 updated gitignore 3 months ago
  Seil0 b8a67fbc27 removed eclipse specific files 3 months ago
  Seil0 5a3b647060 „.project“ löschen 3 months ago
  Seil0 ffe068e1b0 „.classpath“ löschen 3 months ago
  Seil0 4d31e53a7c updated gitignore to ignore eclipse files 3 months ago
  Seil0 2e86836041 small code cleanup 4 months ago
  Jannik a23b87fcb8 fixed first startup issue 4 months ago
  Seil0 a1319382ff removed the usage of mwc in omdbAPIQuery 4 months ago
  Seil0 a491937b30 Merge branch 'java11' of Seil0/Project-HomeFlix into dev 4 months ago
  Seil0 e6ce1dc464 fixed javafx11 executable jar 4 months ago
  Seil0 abbb272bff fixed java11 execution 4 months ago
  Seil0 96bfc461cb formation fixes 5 months ago
  Seil0 32fc533c00 fixed junit 5 months ago
  Seil0 76bb0fa8b1 prepare java11 5 months ago
  Seil0 8f6832c147 updated some libraries 5 months ago
  Seil0 fe1dc01605 code cleanup 6 months ago
  Jannik 814bb00158 added getAllNotCachedEntries() 6 months ago
  Jannik f68b0c0feb code clean up 7 months ago
  Jannik d16e724cce documentation improvements 7 months ago
  Seil0 23ac33ca9b 'README.md' ändern 8 months ago
  Seil0 67142662d8 'README.md' ändern 8 months ago
  Jannik b603051c59 typo 8 months ago
  Jannik 3b188904f6 nothing to see here 8 months ago
  Jannik 50ae1747e6 update sqlite-jdbc -> 3.23.1 8 months ago
  Jannik b1f9a6c505 java 9/10 8 months ago
  Jannik 4b1b20f814 build against java 9/10/11 8 months ago
  Jannik 95d29d772c try openjdk build too 8 months ago
  Jannik 3840e31849 try to build with java 10 again 8 months ago