320 Commits (dev)

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Jannik 4e0e1c4666 „README.md“ ändern 9 months ago
Jannik f4c3b0a6f8
update the controls only when they are visible 1 year ago
Jannik c323ac957c
add button hover effect to player gui 1 year ago
Jannik 5c4b78436f
add linear-gradient to top & bottom bar, support start in fullscreen 1 year ago
Jannik 257b09fc9c
add correct audio popup style 1 year ago
Jannik e29bcc5da3
fix player resolution mismatch 1 year ago
Jannik fb390e3169
fix SeriesDetailView, improved the timesliders animated thumb 1 year ago
Jannik d210655dcf
add audio track selection popup, slider displays time as h:mm:ss now 1 year ago
Jannik 834bffda93
clean up DetailViews 1 year ago
Jannik c04a7c0d4d
add demo audio track selection popup 1 year ago
Jannik 5e0fd8063d
use try with resourcess 1 year ago
Jannik 0d57127d64
added replay and forward 10 sec button 1 year ago
Jannik 965c081d05
replace stop button with back button, show media title 1 year ago
Jannik c6b2d1a9d8
add player end time lable 1 year ago
Jannik a8160ce65e
new media player based on vlcj [Part 2] 1 year ago
Jannik 4184e982ea
new media player based on vlcj [Part 1] 1 year ago
Jannik ef5d87c54c
updated some libraries 2 years ago
Jannik 5db24f16f2 Update 'README.md' 2 years ago
Jannik 03c69b232a
some minor cleanup 2 years ago
Jannik e4cc195fa8
minor code cleanup 2 years ago
Jannik 5e71bb95f0
updated some libraries 2 years ago
Jannik a1936c138f Update 'README.md' 2 years ago
Jannik 000b5e12c2
added drone ci 2 years ago
Jannik ae20909012
update version to 0.8.0 2 years ago
Jannik 75a80535a7
reworked the UpdateController 2 years ago
Jannik d8062513e9
fixed animation coordinates for 9f8a7c0f4c 2 years ago
Jannik 9f8a7c0f4c
fixed scrollpane jumping to the top after returning from detailview 2 years ago
Jannik 5488bece2d
minor bugfixes and clean up 2 years ago
Jannik 9af3ad26bd
implemented settings as nested conroller 2 years ago
Jannik 989281ff8d
added SettingsView 2 years ago
Jannik e84e7f9d20
removed all table-mode stuff, minor ui tweaks 2 years ago
Jannik c38be08905
some css style improvements 2 years ago
Jannik 512b715c1a
first working version of the PosterMode, enabled by default 2 years ago
Jannik 693650fece
added first layout for SeriesDetailView 2 years ago
Jannik 656c22d48a
added FilmDetailView 2 years ago
Jannik 2bbbfff532
more FilmDeatilView work 2 years ago
Jannik f23e6c77ea
added a sample nested controller 2 years ago
Jannik bb8bcd460a
PosterMode now has posters, UI optimizations 2 years ago
Jannik 4d503546ff
bug fixes 2 years ago
Jannik 4ff8b7819f
Use a FlowPane fot the PosterMode 2 years ago
Jannik 7dbe0d46d8
some clean up and first bits for poster mode GUI logic 2 years ago
Jannik ea9e740552
minor clean up 2 years ago
Jannik fdb39ea2f5
fixed missing elements when searching 2 years ago
Jannik 46cd28a642 updated to javafx 12 3 years ago
Jannik 3381047e76 updated javafx to 11.0.2 3 years ago
Jannik 0786770e97 added a comment 3 years ago
Jannik e47f3ea2f7 minor bug fixes 3 years ago
Jannik c735583a04 cache is now date based, minor clean up 3 years ago
Jannik 5600456556 fixed open folder btn when using Linux, more clean up 3 years ago
Jannik cc05600e0a removed all mwc usage in DBController 3 years ago