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91 Commits (1.2.8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jannik 6394a7c880
fix secrets (1st try) 1 year ago
Jannik 5ab5e850bd
execute the docker build/deploy image with privileged: true 1 year ago
Jannik a97a464a83 Merge pull request 'use techknowlogick's drone-docker image' (#20) from fix/docker-build into master 1 year ago
Jannik 2b06efeece
use techknowlogick's drone-docker image 1 year ago
Jannik 024f2b04ce „“ ändern 1 year ago
Jannik bf71d62dc5
version 1.2.8 1 year ago
Jannik 7dce2c6cfd Merge pull request 'updated mensa URL' (#16) from fix/mensa_url into master 1 year ago
Hendrik Schutter a1dc5656b8
updated mensa URL, thanks to Hannes B. 1 year ago
Jannik dd4c5259d2 Merge pull request 'move ci config from drone to woodpecker' (#18) from fix/ci into master 1 year ago
Jannik 884aab08ed
move ci config from drone to woodpecker 1 year ago
Jannik c64c8779e3
update kotlin to 1.4 2 years ago
Jannik 1d614a06c4
version 1.2.7 2 years ago
Jannik 3f10c8afaa
fix courseList sorting 2 years ago
Jannik 9de1e295dd
fix reading file from resources 2 years ago
Jannik 6287d4582d
update spring-boot 2 years ago
Jannik 7dfa0fc6c4
fix .drone.yml (again) 2 years ago
Jannik a53b2b8fc1
only publish to docker hub if a release is tagged 2 years ago
Jannik 36972c9322
fix .drone.yml 2 years ago
Jannik 7bf2920d17
add docker hub publish to .drone.yml 2 years ago
Jannik c30306c163
fix courseList 3 years ago
Jannik 46c9a61124
remove the workaround introduced in 36acf1a00a and update the Dockerfile 3 years ago
Jannik 36acf1a00a
add workaround for ssl errors 3 years ago
Jannik f9029bf1c3
use HashMap insted of ArrayList to store the timetables 3 years ago
Jannik fe72c02562
remove unneeded dependency, use try catch when writing files 3 years ago
Jannik 8d9fcd3d7c
update gradle to version 6.5 3 years ago
Jannik ec7a0a7a64
change some parameters 3 years ago
Jannik efd8f9f9f5
update spring 3 years ago
Jannik e2dce9fab3
update gradle, kotlin & coroutines 3 years ago
Jannik bbac0d3688 „“ ändern 3 years ago
Jannik 6114077591
update spring boot, jsoup and kotlin coroutines 3 years ago
Jannik 678a97f140
fix MensaParser & update spring boot, kotlin 3 years ago
Jannik c22f752788
ci test 2 3 years ago
Jannik 1798054580
ci test 3 years ago
Jannik 9a48b1a859
minor fixes 3 years ago
Jannik 2f1f65eba0
count courseList requests seperat 3 years ago
Jannik be95af43c2
made CacheCOntroller() static 3 years ago
Jannik f20279a4b4
updated jsoup 1.12.1 -> 1.12.2 3 years ago
Jannik 3aa27dff4a
don't use lateinit in CacheController() 3 years ago
Jannik f01916b363
updated gradle and spring boot 3 years ago
Jannik a13203c477
use the current directory to store the config.xml and cached timetables 3 years ago
Jannik 2bb6bc6534 Update '' 3 years ago
Jannik d0d5e4b6d1
removed Java legacy code 3 years ago
Jannik 16cb89ca38
update kotlin to 1.3.61 3 years ago
Jannik b428840df7
update to spring boot 2.1.11 3 years ago
Jannik 4ca79e6540
removed invalid TODOs 3 years ago
Jannik 9dd875fcb3
update softwareVersion/version to 1.2.0 3 years ago
Jannik e2169ba8ab
update to kotlin 1.3.60 3 years ago
Jannik 697f5e3167
added on disk cache for the timetables 3 years ago
Jannik dd064d63af
added a configuration via config.xml file 3 years ago
Jannik 3177be1bf0
use a FixedThreadPool to execute the timetable updates 3 years ago

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