A simple ui-frontend for cemu. http://www.mosad.xyz
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cemu_UI is a simple, material design graphical frontend for cemu, a Wii U emulator. Downloads can be found here.


Simply download the cemu_UI.jar from releases, make sure you have the latest version of java 8 oracle jre/jdk installed, open the file. cemu_UI creats a new directory “C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\cemu_UI”, where the database, settings and covers are stored. first start can take while!

If you want to use the cloud sync function read the wiki carefully!

building from source

  1. read the license
  2. download/clone the git repository
  3. make sure you have the latest versionj of java 8 oracle jdk installed
  4. place the unzip repository into your workspace and start eclipse, project should now be there or import the project to your workspace


  • launch Games
  • Time played in total
  • last time played
  • easyer way to add updates & DLCs (only adding not downloading!)
  • automatic rom detection (only .rpx files with a app.xml)
  • customisable UI
  • sync savegames via google drive
  • smmdb api integration

planed Features (no ETA)

  • Controller support
  • more UI improvements
  • support more rom file formats in automatic detection

If you have another idea, make a “new issue” with the #f03c15idea lable


  • My game is not detected automaticaly
    • You need to add it to the games.db database or you add it to the games.csv table so everyone can use it.
  • How can I update the games.db?
    • Delete the games.db file in “C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\cemu_UI” it will be downloaded again at the next start of cemu_UI.
  • I have another question
    • make a new issue and let me know