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Welcome to the cemu_UI wiki!

cemu_UI is a simple, material design graphical frontend for cemu, a Wii U emulator. Downloads can be found here.


Simply download the cemu_UI.jar from Releases, make sure you have the latest version of java 9 oracle jre/jdk installed, open the file. cemu_UI creats a new directory "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\cemu_UI", where the database, settings and covers are stored.
first start can take while!

cloud savegame syncronisation

cemu_UI 065 and higher use a completly rewritten cloud integration, it's highly recommended to sync your savegames before updating to this version and delete the cloud savegames folder in google drive afterwards before you use the cloud sync of cemu_UI 065 and higher!

fist setup

To set up the cloud syncronisation, switch cloud sync button to on and allow cemu_UI to acces your cloud files to upload the savegames. cemu_UI uploads all your savegames to the cloud and checks from now on startup, whether a sync is needed or not. If a sync is needed cemu_UI will always down/upload all savegames to make sure none is left.

adding a new installation of cemu

Since cemu_UI build 065 cemu_UI will always download the savegames from the cloud and replace existing ones.


  • My game is not detected automaticaly
    • You need to add it to the games.db database or you add it to the games.csv table so everyone can use it.
  • How can I update the games.db?
    • Delete the games.db file in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\cemu_UI (Windows) or /home/USERNAME/cemu_UI (Linux) it will be downloaded again at the next start of cemu_UI.
  • I've added a new cemu instance with save games to the cloud sync by mistake.
    • Delet the cloud cemu_UI folder (cemu_savegames) to prevent the other installations from downloading these files and overwriting your "real" savegames.
  • cemu_UI is not starting or doesn't work correctly
    • In C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\cemu_UI (Windows) or /home/USERNAME/cemu_UI (Linux) is a log file calles app.log, please open a new issue and post the content of your log file.
  • The settings from my cemu installation are not applying to cemu if it's launched during cemu_UI.
    • Just place the cemu_UI.jar inside your cemu folder and create a link from the jar to your old location .
  • I have another question
    • make a new issue and let me know