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Build cemu_UI

cemu_UI uses maven to manage all dependencies and to build the Software. In order to build cemu_UI make sure you have Maven and the latest version of java 11 jdk installed.

At first you need to clone cemu_UI git clone https://github.com/Seil0/cemu_UI.git, if you have done that go to the root folder of cemu_UI and build the cemu_UI package with mvn clean package. The final package can be found in /target/cemu_UI.jar_.

To import the project in eclipse make a right-click on Package Explorer -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Project.

First startup description

At the first start cemu_UI will download a reference game list. This list contains several thousand Wii U games, from which we get the Nintendo ID, cover download url and other necessary information. If cemu_UI has found a game in your ROM directory it will download the cover found on the games reference list and create a new entry in the local_games database. In this local_games database are all information about total play time, last played, cover- and ROM path stored. When cemu_UI has finished searching for ROMs it will add all games from the local_games database to a array-list to work with.

Cloud sync

If you want to build a version that supports the cloud sync, you need to add a "client_secret.json" in "resources/". For more information have a closer look at developers.google.com. The default client_secret is not included for security reasons.

Used libraries and apis



coding style

You'll find the coding style guid here.

Version schema and naming

cemu_UI is always named after a song from a random Nintendo Game,but mainly Super Mario Galaxy.

  • v0.1.x: "Throwback Galaxy"
  • v0.2.x: "Puzzle Plank Galaxy"
  • v0.3.x: "Purple Comet" (current)
  • v0.4.x: "Fluffy Bluff Galaxy"

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