A simple ui-frontend for cemu. https://www.mosad.xyz
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Contributing to cemu_UI

The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to cemu_UI.


If you don't want to contibute any code you can support this project by translating it! The translation files are stored in "src/main/resources/locals".

Contributing code

If you want to contibute code please read the java code styleguide.

Java code sytleguide

If your willing to contribute to cemu_UI please us the following example as guide and rules to design your code.

  • Use names for methods and variables that clarify their purpose. (This will help a lot to understand the code)
  • Use as many spaces as necessary to make the code clear, but as little as possible.
  • Sort all variables according to their type.
  • For all (debugging) console outputs, use the log4j based logger. (syso/syse is okay for testing)
 // Use this as a sample Class:
 public ClassName () {
   void MethodName () {
      double gameID; // Title-ID used on the Wii U
      if (gameID == null) {
         // Do something
      // more code ...