A simple ui-frontend for cemu. http://www.mosad.xyz
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Total Downloads Build Latest HitCount License: GPL v3

cemu_UI is a simple, material design graphical frontend for cemu, a Wii U emulator. Downloads can be found here.


Simply download the cemu_UI.jar from Releases, make sure you have the latest version of java 8 oracle jre/jdk installed and open the file. cemu_UI creats a new directory “C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\cemu_UI”, where the database, settings and covers are stored. first start can take while!

If you want to use the cloud sync function read the wiki carefully!



  • launch Games
  • Time played in total
  • last time played
  • add updates and dlcs easier (only adding not downloading!)
  • automatic rom detection (only .rpx files with a app.xml)
  • customisable UI
  • sync savegames via google drive
  • smmdb api integration

planed Features

  • Controller support

If you have another idea, make a new issue!

building from source