297 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jannik 12bbc2ef5f
add recommendations to home fragment 3 days ago
Jannik 0186cef79e
fix player progress bar skip intro/next ep button overlapping 3 days ago
Jannik bc5509cf93
use newSingleThreadContext instead of mutex for token refresh 5 days ago
Jannik ef9a0f00d0
hide the playbutton on media items in library- and searchfragment 6 days ago
Jannik b85d7ae025
update kotlin, agp, dependecies 6 days ago
Jannik 69c9666d2b
fix crash if media is present in metadb, but season/episode are not present 1 month ago
Jannik 7d6c300f7e
implement runtime cache for Crunchyroll.browse() 1 month ago
Jannik 1ebc1194e6
add categories support to Crunchyroll.browse() 1 month ago
Jannik c48328723b
increase touch target height for exo_progress 1 month ago
Jannik 95c8a72c94
add playhead progress indicator to player episodes list 1 month ago
Jannik fc04e8e222
remove kotlin-android-extensions, use viewBinding in Player 1 month ago
Jannik a898a70653
migrate player episodes list to DialogFragment; change hideBars() behaviour 1 month ago
Jannik 58aab72097
fix FullScreenDialogStyle 1 month ago
Jannik 35157b78f5
migrate player language settings to DialogFragment; update hideBars() 1 month ago
Jannik c6a00ea061
update agp 1 month ago
Jannik 80a7fc4398
merge PlayerEpisodeItemAdapter into EpisodeItemAdapter 1 month ago
Jannik dd6ca8b90e
up next rework 1 month ago
Jannik e80e81af0f
use MediaItemListAdapter in MediaFragmentSimilar instead of MediaItemAdapter 1 month ago
Jannik f852600dc7
port HomeFragment to ViewModel and Kotlin flow; update gradle wrapper 1 month ago
Jannik aa49169034
fix (workaround) a crash in MediaFragment if one opens and closes multiple new MediaFragment via the similar tab 2 months ago
Jannik 7abb5cd3e8
fix fragments cleanup on recreation 2 months ago
Jannik 3a71bdd2c7
use fragment as scope for MediaFragmentViewModel 2 months ago
Jannik 629c144c5b
add similarTo function to crunchyroll parser 2 months ago
Jannik b2196f11da
add playhead progress indicator to MediaFragment epsiodes 2 months ago
Jannik 5b5a74a1de
fix crunchroll parser login crash if login failed 2 months ago
Jannik 7a860a7270
update ExoPlayer 2 months ago
Jannik e97ad9a245
update libraries 2 months ago
Jannik cf435fdb72
replace LoginDialog with material-components based LoginModalBottomSheet 2 months ago
Jannik 42895a6fba
Make token refresh thread safe 2 months ago
Jannik eaf1cf78e9
Set episodes title length to max 3 lines, ellipsize at end 2 months ago
Jannik 1af82f8370
update playheads on season change 2 months ago
Jannik d31a19a4f1
update fastlane metadata 2 months ago
Jannik b27666ee69 Merge pull request 'add metadb support for crunchyroll' (#54) from featur/metadb_crunchyroll into develop 2 months ago
Jannik e76cbda04d
fix Onboarding not working; fix deprecation in Activity.hideBars() 2 months ago
Jannik 7fbf639a70
add metadb support for crunchyroll 2 months ago
Jannik ff63b3d7a4
update gradle wrapper & core-splashscreen 2 months ago
Jannik 7d32cecd89
hide unused dev settings 2 months ago
Jannik 72280f29d8
add option to disable playhead updates/reporting 2 months ago
Jannik cd4cfb7a0c
update libraries & targetSdk; use core-splashscreen for splashscreen 2 months ago
Jannik 4a5a6c04ca
Update fastlane metadata AoD -> Crunchyroll 2 months ago
Jannik 554c66e11f
update agp 2 months ago
Jannik 0aece1d8fa Merge pull request 'crunchyroll support' (#49) from feature/crunchyroll into develop 2 months ago
Jannik f820d2aac0 Udate readme Aod -> Crunchyroll 2 months ago
Jannik 0ea2e5ee97
update version to 1.0.0-beta1 2 months ago
Jannik a092c5b8be
fix mosad/NonePublicIssues#1 2 months ago
Jannik ab660d0ae7
Show season number in MediaFragment 2 months ago
Jannik be1c001942
Fix getPreferredSeason() (again) 3 months ago
Jannik 30a5331bbc
load preferred sub/content language on startup 3 months ago
Jannik 0797e9fa3d
Fix multiple language related issues 3 months ago
Jannik 75204e522d
Use ktor instead of fuel for http requests [Part 2/2] 3 months ago

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