163 Commits (develop)

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  Jannik 06770559ee
version 0.4.0 23 hours ago
  Jannik 1a9de4124d
minor pip mode fixes 1 day ago
  Jannik 6cc59a72fc
don't exclude player from history 3 days ago
  Jannik a07f291098
only update media title if there is one & update exoplayer to 2.13.2 5 days ago
  Jannik fad64ad385
update exoplayer to version 2.13.1 1 week ago
  Jannik 9d3e9c5019
dsiable scrolling on appbar if no tabs where added to media fragment 1 week ago
  Jannik 542164be9f „README.md“ ändern 2 weeks ago
  Jannik 09191f6732
fix possible and rare index out of bounds 2 weeks ago
  Jannik 9d698a974d
add changelog for version 0.4.0 3 weeks ago
  Jannik e762745705
use CoordinatorLayout instead of NestedScrollView in media fragment 3 weeks ago
  Jannik f342d1a3f4
udpate some libraries 3 weeks ago
  Jannik b02fadaa89
fix unchecked single choice button in theme dialog beeing white 3 weeks ago
  Jannik f4760d1ba3 remove get it on IzzyOnDroid badge 3 weeks ago
  Jannik 5bb51c9054 Add similar titles to media fragment (#28) 3 weeks ago
  Jannik 1e9e02c879 update license notice in readme 1 month ago
  Jannik 67c1e2bfdc
minor clean up 1 month ago
  Jannik 70aafb1a14
update gradle plugin to 4.1.2 1 month ago
  Jannik 373f5c56c9
rework the about fragment 1 month ago
  Jannik 4c5d6e6e24
add top ten to home screen & minor fixes 1 month ago
  Jannik c6874d0e54
move showFragment to ActivityUtils 1 month ago
  Jannik a740ccfee1
update libs 1 month ago
  Jannik 8a22554846
add onboarding (login), change default theme to dark 1 month ago
  Jannik 3f45d769d2
rework initial loading, don't crash on login timeout on app start 1 month ago
  Jannik 7dc120ccfe „README.md“ ändern 1 month ago
  Jannik 7a95304ee1
fix episodes not showing, if scroll is not needed in MediaFragment 1 month ago
  Jannik 8c0f4965e7 Merge pull request 'Player PiP' (#24) from feature/pip_activity into develop 1 month ago
  Jannik 8e8db386a0
play new media if selected while player is in pip & minor code clean up 1 month ago
  Jannik 86e07ba2cf
return to main activity if pip was launched before 1 month ago
  Jannik e5037cf9ac
add pip support to player activity 1 month ago
  Jannik a0111d45cf „README.md“ ändern 1 month ago
  Jannik 0efad7e2b7
minor spelling fix 1 month ago
  Jannik b12daa9d39 add get it on f-droid badge 2 months ago
  Jannik e4ac01605f
fix crash after clicking on the highlight play button 2 months ago
  Jannik 75ecac6144
always visible next ep button fix 2 months ago
  Jannik 1efc108bd7
version 0.3.0 2 months ago
  Jannik 31197a5d44
minor fixes 2 months ago
  Jannik 489ef02a35
fix controls autohide not working when epsiodes list was shown 2 months ago
  Jannik 9705a752fb
don't crash if initial loading was not successful 2 months ago
  Jannik 7a5f90cb82
don't initialize exoplayer, if view model exists and player is ready 2 months ago
  Jannik 800c2a144c
polish player episodes list ui 2 months ago
  Jannik 6bec0512ba
minor player fixes 2 months ago
  Jannik b3ce43c614
release player in PlayerVIewModel onCleared() 2 months ago
  Jannik 7845770067
Clean up PlayerActivity and PlayerViewModel 2 months ago
  Jannik 94da8c6cee
player language settings [Part 2] 2 months ago
  Jannik 8a43567737
rework how different streams/languages per episode are handled 2 months ago
  Jannik 8f60a30d61
improve media parsing / loadStreams() 2 months ago
  Jannik 8fc2d69eb8 „README.md“ ändern 2 months ago
  Jannik 2a0bccaf5a „README.md“ ändern 2 months ago
  Jannik 9a45d4453c
update screenshots 2 months ago
  Jannik c648acdff0
Fastlane de-DE -> de, do not distinguish between different german metadata 2 months ago