302 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jannik d76538cf28
use locale instead of string for language in AoDPlaylist 10 months ago
Jannik 309a991007
fix for AoDParser related code clean up 10 months ago
Jannik 0340c83b47
clean up some AoDParser related code 10 months ago
Jannik 9dfd2cf70b
added skip opening for tv shows 10 months ago
Jannik 26d2da923b
use Gson in TMDBApiController, adapt tmdb types to api documentation 10 months ago
Jannik c66c725ee3
use tmdb data if missing on aod 10 months ago
Jannik 44f99295e9
rework the tmdb controller 10 months ago
Jannik d417181b70
update kotlin, gradle & libraries 10 months ago
Jannik 9df5be003b
update agp, kotlin, appcompat and exoplayer 11 months ago
Jannik cf3b1802d5
update kotlin coroutines 12 months ago
Jannik 4de97ca42e
version 0.4.2 12 months ago
Jannik 664959641f
fix tmdb search for movies 1 year ago
Jannik c1b0b4038c Merge pull request 'tmdb api improvements' (#43) from fix/sort_tmdb_results into develop 1 year ago
Jannik ba7d82bc2b
replace deprecated OnNavigationItemSelectedListener 1 year ago
Jannik e0a6485ed7
tmdb api improvements 1 year ago
Jannik 5555269877
sort tmdb results with String.compareTo 1 year ago
Jannik 3fcd1a96b2
update kotlin, some libs & agp 1 year ago
Jannik 03e9c3dae5
fix crash on myList element not present in overall itemMediaList 1 year ago
Jannik 5ccf907ed8 Merge pull request 'add media session & update exo player' (#41) from feature/pip-media-controls into develop 1 year ago
Jannik 8afbae1e1a
set pip source hint & update exo player 1 year ago
Jannik 164db8ebd1
remove unneeded import 1 year ago
Jannik 44d1825095
minor code clean up 1 year ago
Jannik 1d071eafdb
add media session & update exo player to 2.14.0 1 year ago
Jannik 0decf317d9
remove some unneeded resources 1 year ago
Jannik 5e48e724a7
update some libraries & coroutines 1.5.0 1 year ago
Jannik 46e3d1f1b6
don't use "save" when selecting the media language, use "apply" instead 1 year ago
Jannik a3a89c6b64
don't use deprecated startActivityForResult() use registerForActivityResult() instead 1 year ago
Jannik 7ce67f57cd
add export/import of my list 1 year ago
Jannik 68d462eeee
update android gradle plugin 1 year ago
Jannik 063b5405fc
add dev settings gui 1 year ago
Jannik be591a961a
update agp and kotlin 1 year ago
Jannik 8160641b8f
update exoplayer and gradle wrapper 1 year ago
Jannik 86dfd69b4b
add subscription info to settings fragment 1 year ago
Jannik 74e8639435
update kotlin and android gradle plugin 1 year ago
Jannik e8ab11d5ff
version 0.4.1 1 year ago
Jannik 0bb433b5cb
set timeout for laoding the playlist to 120 seconds 1 year ago
Jannik b05ecf64a6
minor code clean up 1 year ago
Jannik 7a2f3ad265
update some libraries 1 year ago
Jannik 4f2bd4fd59
add images to german fastlane again 1 year ago
Jannik 06770559ee
version 0.4.0 1 year ago
Jannik 1a9de4124d
minor pip mode fixes 1 year ago
Jannik 6cc59a72fc
don't exclude player from history 1 year ago
Jannik a07f291098
only update media title if there is one & update exoplayer to 2.13.2 1 year ago
Jannik fad64ad385
update exoplayer to version 2.13.1 1 year ago
Jannik 9d3e9c5019
dsiable scrolling on appbar if no tabs where added to media fragment 1 year ago
Jannik 542164be9f „README.md“ ändern 1 year ago
Jannik 09191f6732
fix possible and rare index out of bounds 1 year ago
Jannik 9d698a974d
add changelog for version 0.4.0 1 year ago
Jannik e762745705
use CoordinatorLayout instead of NestedScrollView in media fragment 1 year ago
Jannik f342d1a3f4
udpate some libraries 1 year ago

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