Scrape the MAC table from HP ProCurve switch and alert if a untrusted MAC is found.

Updated 3 months ago

Smartes IoT Systems zur Anzeige des Status der Vereinshütte ohne KI und Blockchain.

Updated 2 months ago

The Things Network device library for ESP32 (ESP-IDF) and SX127x based devices

Updated 1 month ago

scripts to manage your movies and tvshow

Updated 3 months ago

Wrapper script for encoding AV1 with ffmpeg and libaom

Updated 1 week ago

scrape EQ3 bluetooth device and export as prometheus metric

Updated 5 months ago

Generate label and print them via brother_ql to

Updated 5 months ago

scrape gas prices from and export them as prometheus metrics

Updated 7 months ago

Threefish cipher based raw PRN/noise generator.

Updated 4 years ago

Convert vector images (SVG) to gcode for usage with a laser plotter.

Updated 12 months ago

scrape ebay(.de) for competitors listings and compare the price to own ebay shop

Updated 5 months ago

Software that sorts, checks and selects the images from a long term timelapse camera

Updated 1 year ago

display current linux/network info on a 16x2 LCD via I2C

Updated 8 months ago

Just some small custom changes. Thanks margau for the idea and implementation

Updated 10 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

scripts to manage your movies and tvshow

Updated 3 months ago

Watchdog for restic backup

Updated 9 months ago

allows to replace a part of a binary dump

Updated 2 years ago

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